Information for the incoming annual meeting

The 97th annual conference of the Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA) is scheduled to be held  from September 4 to 7, 2023. The host university of the annual meeting is KOBE GAKUIN UNIVERSITY, located in Hyogo, Japan.

Its unified, overall conference theme is ”Social Transformation and Business Administration.”
Under the overall conference theme are the conference’s subthemes:

Subtheme 1: Sustainable Society and the Role of Business Administration – Business Administration in 2050 –
Subtheme 2: Japanese Company in Globalism
Subtheme 3: Digital Transformation and Management Issues



About Japan Academy of Business Administration

What is the Japan Academy of Business Administration

The Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA) is a leading
professional association for scholars dedicated to conduct research in the field
of business administration and management. Founded in 1926 by 342 members, JABA
is one of the oldest scholarly management associations in the world. Today,
JABA is the home for 1,800 members.

Who are JABA members?

JABA members are scholars at colleges, universities, and research institutes, as well
as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and
not-for-profit organizations. Membership in JABA
is open to all individuals who find value in belonging. You can download an
application form for membership from the web site.

What are the activities of JABA?

Annual meetings:Annual meetings of JABA are held each year in September. Attended
by more than 700 people, the meetings provide forums for sharing research and
expertise in many management disciplines through paper sessions, symposia,
workshops, and poster sessions.
Local division meetings: JABA has six local divisions in Japan, each of which holds
meetings several times a year to share research and expertise.
Publications: The Journal of Business Management: JABA
edits and publishes the Journal of Business Management. Members of JABA
can submit manuscripts to the journal for publication consideration. The
editorial board of the journal is responsible for the review process of the
submitted manuscripts.
The Annual Review of Business Administration : Once a year JABA
edits and publishes the Annual Review of Business Administration which contains
the summaries of papers presented at an annual meeting.
Newsletters: Twice a year JABA edits and publishes newsletters in order that JABA
members know the current issues and topics concerning JABA.

JABA award: JABA presents award for book(s) and article(s) that have made great contributions to
the advancement of management research.


Annual Meeting of the Japan Academy of Business Administration

Details of the meeting will be announced later in the newsletter and on the web site of JABA.


We are an IFSAM member

JABA is an active member of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM). Founded in 1992 with a strong leadership of JABA, IFSAM is an association of associations designed to foster the development of international scholarly activities directed at the understanding of management practices.


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