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The Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA), founded on July 10, 1926, is the second oldest of the scholarly business management organizations in the world, as the Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e. V. (VHB) was founded in 1924 and the Academy of Management (AoM) was founded in 1936.

The JABA membership had, at beginning, debated whether the organization’s name would include the designation of “Business Administration” or “Commerce.” While the academic field of business administration was not in existence in Japan at the time, the members adopted the name, The Japan Academy of Business Administration. The Academy’s membership numbered 342 in 1927, immediately following its founding, and in fifty years by 1977, it had increased to 1,677.

Today, with almost 2,000 members and as one of the largest scholarly societies in social science in Japan, JABA has been playing an extensive role in a variety of research fields. The discipline of business administration studies has expanded and JABA, as a scholarly organization in the comprehensive business administration field, has expanded its subjects of study to many sectors, not only in for-profit business management but also in non-profit business administration and hospital management, these in response to increased demand in these fields.

For the Further Development of the Japan Academy of Business Administration

It is my great honor to assume the position of chairperson of the Japan Academy of Business Administration. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the 96th annual convention, which was held in September 2022, was carried out online. For this reason, I was selected as the chairperson by a voting method different from the conventional one. However, I am determined to make every possible effort to serve for my three-year term to the best of my meager ability. I humbly ask for your support in this endeavor. In 2026, the Japan Academy of Business Administration will mark its 100th anniversary. As an academic society related to business administration, we boast the longest history in Japan. From the viewpoint of the world, too, we are one of the oldest and leading academic societies. I believe it is my mission to preserve this tradition and make it advance further.

For the development of the Japan Academy of Business Administration, it is essential that a broad range of researchers with the aspiration to study business administration and teach it will join us. Since the 94th annual convention, the time for graduate students’ presentation of reports and their question-and-answer session has been extended as a free topic presentation, not as a session for graduate students. I think this arrangement has been made to support graduate students as much as possible. Most people who act as a moderator for a free topic presentation confirm the details of proceedings prepared by a presenter in advance and prepare themselves so that they can make comments and ask the presenter questions on the day of the presentation. I will continue to make an arrangement to support young researchers for the development of our society.

The strength of the Japan Academy of Business Administration lies in the fact that our society consists of members engaged in diverse research subjects that could subsume any discussions related to business administration. The environment surrounding the corporate environment as the major research subject of business administration is incessantly changing and getting complex. Today, discussions through diverse approaches are underway on the issues that were not covered by the Japan Academy of Business Administration 50 years ago, such as the development of the ICT technology and the progress of globalization as well as the evolution of decarbonization technology, the form of corporate governance, and the achievement of SDGs. I will continue to utilize the advantage that we can hold a wide variety of discussions for national conventions and subcommittees/regular meetings, including the further expansion of exchanges with the business community.

When the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) was founded, the Japan Academy of Business Administration played a key role together with the counterparts of the United States of America and Germany, and in 1992, its first world congress was held in Tokyo. We need to continue to promote the globalization of business administration studies in Japan, including engagement with IFSAM. What is important when promoting globalization is the improvement of diversity. In making decisions, I will check whether or not we lapse into “unconscious bias” and enhance the diversity of the Japan Academy of Business Administration.

In conclusion, as the chairperson, I pledge to make the utmost efforts and devote myself to the further growth of the Japan Academy of Business Administration toward commemorating its 100th anniversary. I would like to ask for your continued support from the bottom of my heart.

September 2022
Chairman of the Japan Academy of Business Administration
Nobuyuki Demise