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The Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA), founded on July 10, 1926, is the second oldest of the scholarly business management organizations in the world, as the Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e. V. (VHB) was founded in 1924 and the Academy of Management (AoM) was founded in 1936.

The JABA membership had, at beginning, debated whether the organization’s name would include the designation of “Business Administration” or “Commerce.” While the academic field of business administration was not in existence in Japan at the time, the members adopted the name, The Japan Academy of Business Administration. The Academy’s membership numbered 342 in 1927, immediately following its founding, and in fifty years by 1977, it had increased to 1,677.

Today, with almost 2,000 members and as one of the largest scholarly societies in social science in Japan, JABA has been playing an extensive role in a variety of research fields. The discipline of business administration studies has expanded and JABA, as a scholarly organization in the comprehensive business administration field, has expanded its subjects of study to many sectors, not only in for-profit business management but also in non-profit business administration and hospital management, these in response to increased demand in these fields.

From the Chair

Striving to advance business administration studies, I am honored to assume the chairperson’s role at the Japan Academy of Business Administration. It is sobering when I think of the heavy responsibility of chairing this organization with its 90 long years of history and tradition. I am looking forward to the challenges and responsibilities bestowed upon me as a chairperson in the upcoming three-year term and I welcome your generous support.

As introduced in this Web site, JABA, founded in 1926, has the longest history in the field of business administration studies in Japan and is considered one of the oldest such organizations in the world. The members had striven to obtain recognition and establishment of business administration as an academic field in the years between its beginning and World War II. After World War II, the members made constant efforts to secure a place for the field of business administration in social science. Today, the members are pouring their passion into increasing the standard of Japanese business administration studies in order to prepare them for the global arena.

The key characteristic of JABA is that it is able to subsume all topics of business administration because all studies originate within this organization. Today, over 60 scholarly groups in the field of business administration in Japan carry out various activities in strategy, organization and human resources, enterprise structuring, NPO, production and technology, finance, and history, in addition to the fields of accounting, marketing, and information. JABA exists as the root of these groups. In all of the discussions in our annual meetings and smaller group sessions, we share a core concept of how to move the frontline of business administration studies forward because we are aware of JABA’s conscientious heritage.

A wide range of JABA activities include the following: hosting annual meetings and regional group sessions; issuing Journal of Business Management and the Annual of the Japan Society for the Study of Business Administration in which members’ research findings are published; selecting and announcing the award winners; and keeping associations with the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) and other scholarly groups in the field of business administration. Without taking the long history and tradition of JABA for granted, we plan to exert our utmost effort in making the organization attractive not only to seasoned scholars but also to the young scholars who will be leading in the next generation of business administration studies. Through communicating with world business concerns, we strive to advance JABA so that, in the long run, it contributes to Japan’s economic growth. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

September 2019
Chairman of the Japan Academy of Business Administration
Norio Kambayashi


高瀬 荘太郎 一橋大学教授
古林 喜楽 神戸大学教授
市原 季一 神戸大学教授
藻利 重隆 一橋大学教授
昭和58(1983)年9月6日 〜
海道 進 神戸大学教授
田島 壮幸 一橋大学教授
森 昭夫 神戸大学教授
野口 祐 慶応大学教授
片岡 信之 桃山学院大学教授
平成16(2004)年9月3日 〜
小林 俊治 早稲田大学教授
坂下 昭宣 神戸大学教授
高橋 俊夫 明治大学教授
海道 ノブチカ 関西学院教授
百田 義治 駒澤大学教授
上林 憲雄 神戸大学教授